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FCSII WR PC carbon 4.625"/4.18" Quad FIN SET

$140.00 / Sold Out

WR (william riedel) Large FCS Shaper Series Fins
4-fin convertible quad complete set


Base: 4.61" / 117mm
Depth: 4.65" / 118mm
Area: 16.31"² / 10520mm²
Sweep: 33.0º
Foil: Inside

Base: 4.18" / 106mm
Depth: 4.18" / 106mm
Area: 13.31"² / 8589mm²
Sweep: 31.7º
Foil: 50/50

a.k.a.- the FCSII version of the #2 or ST-2 template

Full tip, high aspect ratio design provides remarkable fin efficiency in broader wave conditions while retaining a loose yet powerful drive sensation.
Uniquely designed custom cambered (inside foil) offers optimized pressure system dynamics for productive flow and release
Tip area utilizes neutral foil allowing water and energy to “load up and twist off” allowing predictable projection and positive drive
Iconic beak tip with leading and trailing edge intersections allows for more consistent fluidity along full span to reduce turbulent build up and provide control in waves from slow to “oh shit!” speeds.
Stretch’s unconventional use of modified NACA foils to increase range of angle of attack exclusive to the dynamic characteristics of ever changing surf conditions (board sizes, hull designs, rider styles, wave types, etc…)

The S2 generation template was hand foiled and custom made by Stretch himself to ensure a unique, unrivaled sensation to compliment his custom shapes.
Utilizing an extensive background of hydrodynamic theories, decades of research and development, and collaboration with the industry's most noteworthy fin designers, Stretch designed the S2 fin beyond industry standard.

Designed in close collaboration with Nathan Fletcher, this template will allow you to surf your quad more vertical and with more drawn out characteristics due to it's pulled back rake and slightly thinner tip area. *compared to the original stretch fin template

This iteration of Stretch's efficient high aspect ratio fin template is a remarkably versatile fin for both performance quads and tri fins.
Matched up with either your daily driver thruster or step up quad, this fin will provide drive, hold, and predictable release in waves chest high to well overhead.