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Buzzsaw CFT 5'7 x 19.75 x 2.45 - Vol: 30.9L.


Buzzsaw- Non Sk8 deck

"The idiosyncratic progeny of Mr. Buzz chock-full of daily driver awesomeness"

Nathan Fletcher piloted Mr. Buzz into a whole new stratosphere with it’s non-conforming contours, outline and foil not seen in a contemporary high performance shortboard design. For those of us who wanted to get “Buzzed” without the hangover opted for the Super Buzz which served as the user friendly short and wide little rocket of a daily driver. Still, there were those who were intrigued by the hydrodynamics, progressive design and broad usability that could be attained while not riding something as compact as Mr. Buzz or Super Buzz.

The Buzzsaw comes from the same gene pool yet is aimed at those who want to stay within the comfort zone of their familiar every day go-to shortboard. Since the Buzzsaw isn’t meant to be ridden as short as Mr. Buzz or Super Buzz , the outline shares a similar nose to a 2x4 up front with a Super Buzz rear end. The wider tail outline allows the Buzzsaw to remain proficient in average to mediocre conditions.

Signature Buzz concaves and rocker highlight an aggressive single to double while still hosting a predictable feel when pushing hard off the tail. An added feature aside from the Super Buzz related back half is a more accelerated flip in the tail which combines the added curve in the rail rocker to bring more control and radness for when the waves get crispy and fast.

Medium 50/50 rails and a balanced foil compliment the 5-fin convertible cluster to increase the usability of the Buzzsaw whether it be playful beachbreak or freight train drainers. The skatedeck concave provides increased sensitivity in rail to rail transitions for those looking to hit the gas pedal and go!