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Thing v1 step up 6'8" x 18.75" x 2.4" USED


Thing v1 step up 6'8" x 18.75" x 2.4" USED
swallow tail

EPS TECH medium*

* same as current CFT medium + + construction:
2.3pcf marko foam
1/4"bamboo stringer
6oz. RWG + 6oz. RWG / 6oz. RWG

futures 5-fin convertible

fins not included

condition 9/10
very slight heel denting and evidence of someone waxing board and standing up on it.
minor discoloration from age

serial# 827131

Generation 1.5 THING was a predecessor to the modern day performance board combining outline, foil and bottom contours taken from the Fletcher Four-fin and combining it with rocker curvature of the Sword. The tail outline adjustment retained the 5-fin configuration while stretching it out from it's commonly found sub-6'0" lengths allowed it to retain paddle power, control and versatility.

Current generation semi-gun replaces the Thing v1 step up in application but is still on our secret menu for those in the know. Whether you are in the know or just hunting for a decent step up and don't want to wait 5-7 weeks for a new custom to be built, the fact that this board exists in this condition with this price is a no-brainer!

More about the current generation Thing model:

board is available for WILL CALL pick up in Santa Cruz or can be shipped. Please inquire for HI, AK or international shipping needs.

questions? comments? want to make an offer?

contact: marketing@stretchboards.com