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Super Buzz Sk8 USED 5'8 x 20.5 x 2.3125

$575.00 / On Sale

Super Buzz USED 5'8 x 20.5 x 2.3125
Surf Standard EPS/Epoxy construction

6oz.+ 4oz. Deck / 4oz. Bottom
2.1pcf Marko Foam EPS core
1/8″ bamboo stringer

condition: 8/10

The Super Buzz sk8 bridges the gap between small playful wave monger to performance ripper. It pulls traits from the Mr. Buzz and performance models like the Fletcher Four-fin, Thing, 2x4 and Buzzsaw. It's meant to be ridden shorter than your standard thruster or daily driver.

Added width allows the Super Buzz to mosh it's way into your quiver to fill that segment of hybrid shortboard without giving up any of it's high performance character. The sk8 deck allows the use of a fuller outline to provide ample planing and stability while still being able to remain responsive and sensitive to rail to rail input.