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Stretch "Volcano" traction pad


The "Volcano" traction pad is a 3-piece split kick tail pad similar to the Outside and Inside models but utilizes a single piece kick tail.

Low-profile side pieces can be used with or without the arch/kick combo strip.

Same width kick tail as the others Stretch pads but with a narrower top profile to reduce hang up or toe snags.

Excellent pad for dedicated tri's and those who like to anchor their back foot.

length: 305mm
width: 290mm
arch: 125mm x 50mm
kick tail width: 170mm single piece with narrower profile top

* side pieces = 80mm x 210mm
** center strip = 110mm wide

All Stretch traction pads feature the "little stoggie" arch bar and come in all black with a variety of accent colors on tail kick to choose from.