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Rareform Daylight Boardbag (choose size)

$45.00 / On Sale

What does surfboard transportation and protection have to do with freeway billboard signs? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

....unless that is, you've got yourself an individually made board bag from Rareform covering your board. Then your board bag was made from the same aforementioned freeway billboard advertisement material. You may not care much about those ads that millions of commuters drive by on a daily basis but you should feel good knowing that Rareform helps to keep them from clogging up the landfills. You can have a surfboard, fins, wax, traction pad and a host of other items made from upcycled materials nowadays. Rareform just made it so you can add surfboard day bag to that list or eco conscious surf goods!



Upcycled freeway advertising billboard each product unique

UV/heat/water/mildew resistant tarpaulin

Back zipper easy entry

1/4" Foam padding

#10 Heavy duty, corrosion resistant zippers

600D Polyester nose protector material

Removable/adjustable shoulder strap

Fin slot in longboard styles

Board bag hanger hook

* upcycled billboard material = color/styles vary on an individual basis (contact us for more accurate color specs)

** billboard ads can vary from lasik surgery to 2 for 1 cheeseburgers. sorry, we can't make any promises on graphics ;)

$80.00 (sales tax added for CA residents)

$25 flat rate shipping in the contiguous United States (single board bag shipment only)