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Lil' Buddy USED PRO 5'9" x 18.25" x 2.187"

$690.00 / On Sale

Lil' Buddy USED 5'9" x 18.25" x 2.187"
CFT medium construction

4oz. RWG + 4oz. bias S-glass bottom / 4oz. bias S-glass + 6oz. RWG deck
2.1pcf Marko Foam EPS core
1/8″ bamboo stringer
deck channels
3k uni-directional carbon fiber tail strip reinforcements

condition: 8/10

“personally the Lil Buddy is the board for me that i can take on any trip ! for any kind of condition like proper barrel 4 to 6 ft and in normal and mellow waves from 2 to 4 ft ( the lil buddy model will be the first one in the board bag”- William Aliotti